The Founders

I decided that it would be nice for you to “meet” the people that run this here community.  Currently, there are two active Administrators and they are Authors Beth Ann Masarik and Robin Sussman.

bethBeth Ann is the original founder of the Hallowed Writer’s Community.  She created the community as her way of giving back to the writing world, as it has given her so much.  She had her short story, Murderous Regrets, published in the 2010 AugnoWrimo anthology, and her novel, The World Among Us will debut on August 19, 2011.  She is being represented by Otherworld Publications, and is very excited at the positive responses to her beloved community.  To find out more about Beth Ann Masarik and her writing projects, please visit her official website at

robinRobin Sussman and Beth Ann Masarik have been best friends since 1999. When Beth mentioned the project of starting the Hallowed Writers Community, Robin immediately offered to help. She is currently working on several writing projects, including an anthology with Beth Ann. It is her goal for Hallowed Writers to be a place where not only authors, but everyone with a love for writing and books can come together and talk safely amongst themselves. Hopefully, this community with be a place where everyone will be able to learn something new and feel free to contribute if they want to. Her website is


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