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Social Media and writing

When I first started out in the writing world, I had no idea WHAT I was doing to be perfectly honest.  All I knew was that I wanted to write a book and be a published author.  I had NO IDEA that there were so many strings attached until I actually sat down and started writing.  I mean, first you have to WRITE the book, then they expect you to get an agent and/or a publisher (whichever comes first), and NOW they expect you to MARKET your own work?  So, what gives?  Isn’t your agent/publisher supposed to do the marketing for you?

Well, that answer my friend, is complicated.  Yes, to a degree your agent/publisher is supposed to HELP you with the marketing, but in retrospect, it’s primarily the AUTHOR’s responsibility to get their name out there themselves.

You mean, I won’t be an overnight success? Oh, honey, it’s time to get off your pandemonium, and come back to earth!  Getting your name out there takes TIME and DEDICATION.  It took me OVER 2 years to write and complete my first novel, and another several months to find my publisher (and not everyone gets that lucky by the way!).  I had SOME idea of what to do, because I went to a book signing by Richelle Mead (a NY Times Best Selling Author of the VA series), and she gave some sound advice…DO YOUR RESEARCH!  She also gave us the link to the Predators and Editors website, which soon there-after became my second best friend.  It’s a website that lists the majority of agents and publishers, and tells you who to look out for and those who will try and scam you.

So, I received an offer from an agent/publisher, what’s next?  The next step is to DO YOUR HOMEWORK.  Don’t rush to sign the contract right away.  Yes, it’s exciting to get that first offer, but make sure you have your parents (if you’re living at home), AND an attorney look over the contract (ESPECIALLY if you don’t have any experience in preparing contracts or law, which about 85% of us don’t).  Once you have had the contract thoroughly inspected, and you feel FULLY confident that said publisher/agent is right for you, then, and ONLY then should you sign. Because honey, once you sign that contract, THERE IS NO TURNING BACK!

So, what’s the big deal about social media?  Who needs it?  Who needs it you ask?  Well, all authors need social media to market their work.  Starting a blog, or podcast is a great idea to start making a name for yourself.  Making a website to show off your work is also another good idea.  At least 99% of authors have their own website; it helps boost traffic, and it helps get your name out there.  Social gatherings are also a great way to market your book.  Whenever I am with my boyfriends friends, he is always finding some way or another to get my work out there, and sometimes, they just bring it up randomly, asking me how my writing is going!  If you’re serious about your work, and you make it known, other people will take you seriously too!

Networking is key!  Make use of places like facebook and twitter!  I can’t tell you how many twitter accounts I have (more than I probably should), and they are all for some aspect of writing in one way or another.  As a writer, Twitter and Facebook will become your best friends.  Since August, I have acquired over 400 friends on facebook in the writing community alone (probably more).  I have over 700 friends on there, and the number keeps growing.  I have over 300 followers on my personal twitter page because I participate in literary discussions and communities that help boost traffic.

Another thing that will help, is if you join sites like or  They are big writing communities that will help authors promote their work in safe and friendly and professional environments.

So, you mean I can’t be an insta-star? No, my friend, I am afraid that the answer is no.  Becoming a respected author in the writing community takes time.  You must ALWAYS network and market your work.  If you get stuck, join a writing community or find someone like me who is willing to walk you through the steps of the writing world.  I may have a publisher, but I am still learning the ways of the author myself. I am not claiming to know EVERYTHING, but these are some important tips that I have learned over the last several months, and that I feel are important for young and new writers to learn.

And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!  Good writing takes time and practice, and A LOT of research. I am constantly reading books, and browsing websites of the same genre I write in, and I am ALWAYS learning something new!  Just have patience, because if you are a serious writer like I am, then you are in for a long, and bumpy ride!



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Into The Shadows-interview with Karly Kirkpatrick

I recently had the privilege to interview Indie author Karly Kirkpatrick. She is one of many Young Adult fantasy writers, and is willing to share her experience in the self publishing industry.  I have not had a chance to read her books yet, but have looked at her website, and her most recent book, Into The Shadows, is on my to read list!  Read below to see what Karly has to say about her publishing experience.

What is your name?
Karly Kirkpatrick

How long have you been writing?

Three years

How did you know that writing was going to be your profession?

I’ve been writing here and there since I was a little kid, but never
dreamed I’d actually be writing books like I am now!  Once I started
writing 3 years ago, it’s like I finally found something I’d lost, and
couldn’t see my life any other way.

How many books have you written and published?

I’ve written 2 books, Into the Shadows is the first book I’ve
published, but I hope to put out one or two more in 2011.  I will
definitely release the second book I wrote, after some heavy rewrites
and editing of course!

Who is your publisher?
I published myself.  So I guess that makes me publisher…hehehe!

How long did it take you to find your publicist?

These days, not sure if you need one.  I get pretty far just using the
free resources on the internet…for most authors, Facebook, Twitter,
Goodreads, blogs, etc. are the best publicity you can get.

Have you won any awards?

Nope.  But I’d love one, if anyone is handing them out!  😀

What genre do you generally write in?

Young adult (paranormal and contemporary) but I do have a chick lit
book I’ve sketched out…not sure if I’ll get around to writing it
anytime soon though.

What are your stories/novels usually about?

I do like the supernatural/paranormal and enjoy adding those
circumstances to everyday life.  The contemporary novel I wrote
(coming in 2011) was a little out of the ordinary for me (nothing
supernatural/paranormal about it), but it’s very real-life and a bit
rough.  I really thought it was a story worth telling.  It’s about a
drug-dealing cheerleader, which I am sure will not be without
controversy, but that’s okay.  I look forward to stirring the pot a

What prompted you to sign with your current publisher?

I chose to go Indie as an experiment.  There was so much info out
there about epublishing and how people were doing very well with it,
so I decided to try it out with a book that wasn’t going to sell to NY
(it had been rejected 80 times).  It’s been such an awesome experience
that I can’t wait to do it again, and while I won’t completely rule it
out, I don’t have any plans to pursue traditional publishing at this

Do you have anything else you might find useful to add?

Don’t doubt yourself, but make sure you’re doing the very best writing you can.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers who are trying to get into
the world of publishing?

Do your homework.  I’ve spent many hours researching this industry and
making myself as much of an expert as possible.  I’ve looked up every
possible thing I could, and spent a lot of time trying to hone my
craft.  Joining writers groups and going for my MA in Writing and
Publishing (at DePaul University, Chicago) has really helped me become
a better writer.

To find out more about Karly and her writing adventures, you can visit her websites at: and


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What to expect

What can you expect while here at The Writers Community?  Well, in addition to my own blogs, every so often I will have guest bloggers who will share their experience in writing.  I designed Hallowed Writers, because I have found such great success in the writing community, and I wanted to give back to it.

So, if you would like to contribute to the blog as a guest writer, please contact me at with the subject Guest Blogger.  Enjoy!

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