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A little advice from writer to writer…

When I was asked to share my experience with writing and becoming published I jumped at the chance. Why? Because I remember scouring blog sites before I was published. I wanted to soak up any information that would help me in my journey to getting my book published. In fact, I still spend a lot of free time visiting sites and learning.

The learning part…never ends.

One of the best pieces of advice that I think really helped me was to start a blog before I even sold a book. That’s right! Get your name out there…make sure you have the title writer someone on the blog. Doesn’t matter if you are published or not, you are a writer. You write, right? Join Twitter, Facebook and start talking. Share about how many words you completed during the day, hint about a storyline you’re working on, or share a link to a blog post you found informative. Make friends.


Because when the day comes and you receive the phone call or email offering you your first contract it can be overwhelming. You’ll be thrust into author groups, yahoo reader groups, chats, and be receiving lovely red-marked packages from your editor, cover art forms, and all kinds of fun stuff. Publishers will expect you to promote your book, and if your blog or website is already done, that is one less thing on your plate.

There is another good reason to have your name out there for the world to see. Publishers will be checking you out before they offer you a contract. They want to know if you are going to take an active part in promoting your book. They will be very excited, and that much more willing to send you a contract, if they know you already have the skills to sell your book.

One little bit of information: The pool of writers, authors, publishers, editors, cover artists, ect. is huge. Take advantage of finding others, following them, friending them, and chatting. These are people that understand the need to write, to express yourself with words, and you’ll find them supporting you every step of the way.

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