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I am a freelance writer, journalist, and author. I am the co-founder of the WM Network, which includes the WM Freelance Writer's Connection. I am the author of The Fundamentals of SEO for the Average Joe.

SEO Keyword Tips for Creating Great Blog Titles

by Alyssa Ast

An essential aspect of creating a great blog post involves creating a great blog post title. A great blog post title not only captures your reader’s attention, but can also increase your traffic when search engine optimization (SEO) is used. Most online writers understand the importance of creating correctly optimized web content to increase traffic, but many forget the title is equally as important.

By incorporating keywords or phrases within your blog post title correctly, just as you do within content, you increase the likeliness that your blog post will receive a steady flow of traffic. Plus, correctly optimized blog titles will allow a search engine to index your blog post quickly and accurately. A few simple SEO keyword tips will produce a great benefit for your blog traffic.

Choosing Great Keywords

When you create a blog title, keep in mind your competition. Choose keywords and phrases that are relevant to your blog topic but also have a low hits number, which will decrease your competition. The keywords and phrases you choose for your blog title should also capture your reader’s attention, enticing them to read your blog post. There are certain words and phrases that have shown to provoke an emotional response for readers, which entice a reader to read a piece of content over others. Some of these attention provoking words include:

  • Free
  • Improved
  • Exclusive
  • Danger

When choosing your keywords and phrases, you want to choose a primary and secondary keyword or simply choose one keyword phrase. By ensuring your title contains the proper keywords or phrase, that are both engaging and great for optimization, you’re sure to receive a steady flow of traffic.

How to Do It

If you’ve decided to only use a key phrase, then your task is simple. Just combine your phrase with your attention grabbing word. Include the phrase and the attention grabbing word at least once within your blog post and include it in the “tags” or “labels” section of the blog post as well.

If you’ve decided to use 2 keywords, the task becomes slightly harder. You never want to place your keywords next to each other in a title. Instead, separate each keyword by at least a couple of words, but avoid making your title lengthy. Lengthy titles often confuse the readers and cause them to pick other blog posts over yours. Plus, search engines have a harder time indexing lengthy titles.

Here’s an example of a great blog title using 2 keywords:

Keyword 1: Writing

Keyword 2: Succeed

“Best Writing Tips to Succeed in Contests”


Again, make sure your keywords and attention grabbing word are included in the blog post and tags or labels section.

What to Avoid

When creating great blog titles, it’s best to create short and simple titles for increased traffic. Lengthy or “fluffy” titles make it much more difficult for a search engine to index your post and readers are often detoured to another post simply because the title is so long.

Never create duplicate titles. If you create identical titles for more than one blog post, you will be competing with yourself, which will lower traffic to all the content with the same title.

To learn more about search engine optimization, check out Alyssa Ast’s book, The Fundamentals of SEO for the Average Joe.

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Alyssa Ast is a freelance writer, journalist, and the author of The Fundamentals of SEO for the Average Joe. Alyssa is also the co-founder of the WM Network, which she partners with Angela Atkinson and Pam Houghton. The WM Network currently consists of 4 sites, including the WM Freelance Writer’s Connection.



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