Who We Are

The Hallowed Writer’s Community, is a place designed for writers of all genres to come together to share what they love best; writing.  Writing is a sacred art, and should be done in a creative, fun and safe environment, which is exactly what we have created here at The Hallowed Writer’s Community.

You can be a writer of fiction, non fiction, fanfiction, poetry, songwriting, and even role playing, as this website is for you!

We have an interactive blog, with regular guest bloggers.  You can also join our facebook group, which can be found here.  You can become a fan of Hallowed Writers on facebook as well by clicking here.  To get the full Hallowed Writers Community experience, please go to our official website, which can be found here.  Our website offers a FAQ page, and a members only area with interactive forums, a video gallery and a photo gallery, as well as a guestbook.
If you are interested in becoming a contributor to any part of the Hallowed Writer’s Community, simply fill out the contact us form on our website or click here