Writing a novel in 90 days or less

That is the goal. Actually, I’d like to have the first draft done in ninety days or less. My real goal is to have polished and edited my novel until it’s squeaky clean, waxed and finished so I can bring it to the next writer’s conference in NY.

I’m not sure when the 2012 Writer’s Digest conference is, but that’s my goal. 2011’s was in January, so it’ll probably be around the same time. I guess Christmas is as good a time as any to have this done by. I’ve already outlined my plot via crossbreeding Lazette Gifford’s Phase Outlining and Holly Lisle’s Fast Plotting methods. I really liked both but writing out scenes on the notecards was harder for me than writing out little phrases. I have less (a lot less) phrases than Ms. Gifford has, but I have more phrases than I do scenes and I group them together by scene. This way, the magic of writing isn’t ruined by writing out my scenes and I don’t feel restricted to an outline, but I have certain things that I want to put in and work toward them, letting my imagination just fill in the words between my phrase-scenes, or my scene-phrases.

So I’m curious if anyone reading uses an outline and, if so, why? Or are you the type who can’t stand outlines?

Well, I’m off to write more words! I’ve still got a few pages left to write today and have procrastinated enough here.


EDIT: I have just gotten an e-mail saying there is a Writer’s Digest Conference in September? Anyone know what information is correct when I could have sworn their website still says January 2011…?


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